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March 28, 2013

  1. Its really great job for protest. but i think this is not all,, because to do something,, first we must have so many people support it who are completely liberal & progressive minded for women.. Because, not only in India,, but all over world men are always in front of women.. This typical mind should be change for doing something for change our world. Few days before i knew , it from News,that in a rural area (South Africa), there a very rude & pathetic condition to women. Some women try to commit suicide, because there men always give them too much sexual harassment, not only on adult, child girls are also include their list.

  2. Jhuma Parial permalink

    Violence against women is not a bolt from the blue. If observed with patience, we can see so many incidence happening quietly in our day-to-day lives. As for an example, women have to add their husbands’ surnames while filling up official papers. Husband’s name is needed, not wife’s! Even though sometimes wife earns much higher than husband! Even though wife possesses property amounting more than that of her husband. Why a man has only to write his father’s name, not that of his wife! Here lies the root of supremacy of man over woman. Rules must change to obliterate the discrimination. Rules must be so that a man’s help is least needed, atleast in filling up official documents.

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