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Musing on Saraswati

February 4, 2014

Bruised_SaraswatiThe name “Saraswati” came from “Saras” (meaning “flow”) and “wati” (meaning “she who has flow”). So, she is the goddess of knowledge, but Saraswati also completes the trinity – Lakshmi and Parvati being the other two – of the Shakti or the driving force of the universe. But have you noticed how Saraswati stops mattering after the first stage of life, “brahmacharya”? After that, from “grihastha” (family) through “sanyas” (renunciation), all that people think of is Lakshmi. This is simply a reflection of our materialistic world – a society that blesses women to be like “Lakshmi,” showers her with praise if she brings in dowry or other material gifts – that disregards a woman empowered with knowledge. Women don’t want to be treated like Goddesses and kept on a pedestal, or be treated like objects of lust. So, unshackle the Goddesses from this masculine paradigm and give Saraswati her rightful place in the Hindu pantheon.

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