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This forum was created originally on Facebook (  in the wake of the heinous gang rape of the 23 old student in Delhi last December and her subsequent death from injuries. The incident made headlines in the national and international media. For a few weeks, India was rocked by widespread protest movements and demands to the government to ensure safety of women in all spheres of life. This forum now has over 700 members from all over the world and in the past three months we have worked collectively to analyze the different factors that generate and perpetuate violence against women. We invite you to visit our Wikispace ( that presents our collective work.
This blog is for the civil society – in India, of course, but not only in India. Violence against women, in its diverse forms, is a major problem in a lot of societies all over the world. It is therefore important to adopt a global approach to the problem. The United Nations has taken the initiative to ensure gender equality and economic empowerment of women that will surely contribute to diminishing the incidence of violence against women. As has numerous governmental and non-governmental organizations all over the world. But their efforts will not succeed unless the society as a whole takes up the challenge. Because it is the mindset of societies that perpetuate the cult of violence, and even the most egalitarian legal and judicial framework cannot protect women and ensure a better life for them.
We are a truly international team working on the issue of Violence Against Women (VAW) coming from very diverse backgrounds but with strong bond that unites us – our commitment to try and make the world a better and a safer place for women.
The editorial team (in alphabetical order)
Aparajita Sen, International Business Development Manager, MIRIADE, France
Arin Basu, Professor, Epidemiologist, Health Services Researcher, and Physician at University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Debasis Bandopadhyay, Senior Lecturer, Economics, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Piyali Sen, Executive, Dentsu Inc. Kabushiki-gaisha Dentsū, India
Sangbreeta Moitra, Senior European Project Coordinator, INC Research Netherlands
Soumya Sen Sharma, Senior Scientist, Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, India
Subhodev Das, Senior Computer Scientist, Information and Computing Sciences Division, SRI International, New Jersey
Rekha Datta, Professor of Political Science, Monmouth University in New Jersey.

You can contact us by mail :

We gratefully acknowledge the photo used as a header to

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  1. Hi, Subrato from your forum got in touch with me through my blog
    Please feel free to let me know if you are still interested in using some of my illustrations. Would be happy to share 🙂

    All best

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